I have a suggestion. Divide pubg app into two zones, one bonus area and one competition area. Then the award is set as a reward for each person who recommends two people.

There is a chance to compete for every 2 people recommended (assuming that every field needs 1 1st, 30 yuan per coin). The player recommends 6 people 3 times a day and 90 opportunities a month, that is, 2700. This amount will enable every newly added player to become part time promotion of a blood.

When promoting the screen promotion, we should teach players to plan, and luck. We can win 1 Games in 90 matches. If 100 yuan per game = 9000 bonus (10% formalities), 90 chances in a month to win two is equivalent to monthly salary. The higher the price, the greater the power and the pyramid selling effect.

Because chicken luck and skill account for half of the competition, the rewards recommended before will go back to the bloodstream.

The bonus area is a group area, looking for teammates while promoting a blood-earning opportunities while playing bonuses (1 st per game is recommended). Make enough 1st players will go to the game area to brush the opportunity to send us a fee, lost can return to the bonus area part-time promotion

At the same time, when the referee wins the award in the competition, the referee can also get some awards, in the ordinary competition is also added to the game ticket.