For GOD sake, please make option for REAL 1v1 too and not just 1v1 what can be won by killing 2 times the other hero or just destroying JUST 1 tower!! The REAL 1v1 is where one destroyes the ANCIENT of the other player! So please make optional selections for these too:

1. REAL 1v1 where ONLY ancient destroying wins

2. 1v1 where 2 kills or 1 tower destroyer wins

3. Not preselected (in this way auto-matchmaking could join into any type: 1 or 2 also)


+ I think these kind of things should be optionally pre-selectable also:

- 1.: Have runes OR 2.: not OR 3.: whatever game can be found

- Have forest creeps OR not OR whatever game can be found

- 3 lane creeps OR only mid OR whatever game can be found

- PREban X preselected hereoes by each player OR not

and X should be 1,2,3,10, etc.

Please make ALL these kinds of things PREselectable, and OPTIONALLY choosable BEFORE all 1v1, so everybody can find the game types they like =))

+ For example:

1.: UNvisible Hero preselect

2.: NO preselect

3.: Or whatever game can be found


+ A FREEly choosable stake in $-s also! Not only one fix 100 points! Or at least 5 options for that also, for example:

1$ = xy 1ST coin

5$ = 5xy 1ST coin






Huge thanks! =))